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Why Launch Your OTT Apps with Ventuno?


Website, mobile apps, or connected TV apps - reach your customers on all possible devices.


Launch your OTT service without any coding. Save costs on hiring expensive developers & testers


Customize the apps using your name, logo, and branding with no traces of Ventuno.


Ads, subscriptions, rentals, and transactions - start monetizing your OTT apps right from day one and keep 100% of the revenue.


Get access to customers’ email ids, Directly collect payments from your customers with no middlemen involved.


Use Ventuno’s in-depth analytics to understand your customers in-and-out and use it to offer better content.


Here’s How you Can Launch your OTT Apps Using Ventuno’s White Label OTT Platform


Choose from a variety of templates to create beautiful websites, mobile apps, and connected TV apps.


Upload your videos & live streams, organize them into playlists, and add subtitles, watermarks, thumbnails and content rules for your videos.


Monetize your content with AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD. Connect your own payment gateway. Offer free trials and coupons for your customers.


Publish and promote all your OTT apps. Manage content and users. Start accepting payments in users’ preferred currencies.


Stay up-to-date with data about your views, revenue, users, partner payouts, and more. Get in-depth insights about your content and users with a dedicated dashboard.

Ventuno’s Features That You’ll Love

Powerful Video CMS

Upload and manage all types of files with absolute ease, be it videos, audio, live events, or 24/7 TV channels. Features like ultra-fast encoding, watermarking, and adding subtitles are what make Ventuno’s video CMS super-intuitive and user-friendly.


Launch on Multiple Devices

Only sticking to a mobile app or a website will restrict your reach. You can be truly omnipresent by launching on multiple platforms, be it Roku, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, LG webOS, or Samsung Tizen.

Integrate with Go-to Tools

As an OTT business owner, you’d need a seamless integration between the OTT platform and your go-to analytics tools, payment gateways, email automation tools, and social media platforms. We understand that and hence offer easy connectivity with your favorite tools so you can realize the true potential of your OTT business.


Ample Monetization Options

You can experiment with different monetization options like ads, rentals, subscriptions, and transactions. If you are going international, then offer plans in the user's local currencies, secured SSL checkouts, and seamless payment processing to ensure a premium user experience. Delight your customers with other interesting offerings such as free trials & coupons. That’s not it! You can even set up your own eCommerce shop to sell merchandise!

Monetize through Live Streams

Want to stream live events or set up 24/7 live streams? Just enter your HLS or RTMP stream & go live at a moment’s notice. You can simultaneously live stream on all devices! And the best part - monetize your live streams in all possible ways - be it ads, subscriptions, or pay-per-view.


Comprehensive OTT Business Analytics

Know everything about your OTT business on your Ventuno dashboard - views, revenue, devices, users, consumption, watch time, purchase history, location data, and more. Using Ventuno’s powerful analytics dashboards, you can keep track of every minute detail and take steps to accelerate your growth.

Get Premium Support

Get access to a dedicated onboarding specialist who will support you with all things onboarding. Plus, get excellent support over email and phone. You also get a personal account manager to support you throughout your time with Ventuno’s white label platform.

Content Creators Who Have Found Success With Ventuno’s White Label OTT Platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is white label streaming?

White label streaming is when you launch an OTT streaming service using Ventuno’s OTT platform and label it as your own. For your customers, the OTT service will appear as your brand with no traces of Ventuno’s branding.

Can I launch a white label Netflix-like OTT app using Ventuno?

Yes, you can launch a white label Netflix-like OTT app using Ventuno. You can add your branding, upload content, set up monetization, and launch it as your brand’s OTT app.

What is the Ventuno white label OTT platform pricing like?

Ventuno’s Basic plan starts from $299 per month. You can go with the Professional plan at $1149 per month or contact us if you are looking for advanced features. Check out Ventuno pricing.

Who can make use of the Ventuno white label OTT platform?

Anyone looking to launch their video, audio, or live streaming service. Here are some people who can benefit from Ventuno’s white label OTT platform: Movie producers and distributors, Cable TV channels, Digital TV channels, YouTubers, Educational institutions, Digital-first video producers, Music producers

Do you support live streaming?

Yes, you can stream live events or set up 24/7 live TV channels. We accept both HLS and RTMP streams. You can stream and monetize across all devices.

How do I monetize my OTT video service using Ventuno?

You can monetize your OTT video service using AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD options. You can offer free trials and set up discount coupons for your customers. You can also integrate seamlessly with top payment gateways such as Stripe, Razorpay, PayPal, Apple Pay, and more.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, we are extremely transparent with all our customers when it comes to pricing. We usually charge a fixed monthly fee (based on the features that you are using), and a variable usage fee for bandwidth, storage, encoding, and watch time (based on your consumption every month).

You get a certain amount of free usage every month and view all reports in your dashboard to check your consumption for a particular month. We don’t work on revenue share models. Directly collect payments from customers and keep 100% of the revenue.

Can I customize the layout?

Yes, Ventuno’s white label OTT platform offers a wide range of layouts with which you can customize your OTT apps based on your needs.

How long does it take to launch all apps?

That depends on a lot of factors such as the time it takes for you to upload all videos, share your graphics and texts, whether you want any customizations, and more. Typically, it takes anywhere between 2 weeks to 2 months for us to share the demo apps with you for review. We will submit the apps once you have approved them.

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