VOD to Live

Create a 24/7 Linear TV Channel from your existing VOD

Re-create TV like experience from your on-demand content. Ventuno’s VOD to Live solution helps you leverage the footprint of your VOD library, produce linear TV channels and make them available across multiple screens.

Why create Live stream channels from your video content?

Seamless experience for users

Your users don’t need to choose videos. They can simply click on the Livestream and endlessly enjoy your content. This works best for music, sports, and news categories.

Additional revenue

Have a paywall for your livestream or insert ads during commercial breaks. This gives you an additional way to monetize your content.

Additional views & watch time

Having Livestream as a part of your offering increases your watch time significantly as it is played continuously. On average, users spend more time watching Livestream when they want to watch content and engage in other activities parallely.

A complete VOD to Live scheduler

Manage videos

Upload videos in the platform and we will automatically encode them in HLS m3u8 format. You can also provide your HLS m3u8 if you have your own encoding system.

Manage Ad markers

You can monetize your linear OTT channels by adding ad markers in the live stream. Supports VAST, VPAID, Google IMA, Facebook tag, and programmatic tags.

Manage EPG

Create a 24/7 stream out of your VOD asset by simply mapping your videos into a schedule and assigning them to a certain "broadcast time”. Ad breaks and promos can be added in-between the programs. You get a detailed EPG list page which can be modified at any point in time.

Manage Promos

Create and manage promos with your own sponsors /cross-promotions between scheduled TV shows.

Livestream URL generation with SCTE markers

Based on the EPG, your Livestream URL will be generated which can be played using Ventuno video player

EPG feed (URL)

You can automatically generate EPG feed URL from the dashboard and use it elsewhere.

Create your Live TV channel from you videos