Simple and easy way to manage your video ad campaigns across screens

Deploy, manage, and track video ad campaigns using VideoConnect, an efficient video ad server. Manage multiscreen ads with ease that are fully compliant with IAB’s VAST3.0/VPAID2.0.

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Serve, track and report the ads served across publisher network. Advertisers can select one or more ad modes to run along with their content at chosen websites on preferred pages, days and time.


Advertisers have the following features on the VideoConnect platform

  • Release order creation and management
  • Ad asset creation and management
  • Campaign creation and management
  • Billing
  • Sub user creation and User Rights Management (campaign summary, manage new RO, manage ad assets and new campaign, campaign report, billing)

Ad Modes

  • Pre-roll (will be running before video starts)
  • Post-roll (will be running after video ends)
  • Mid-roll (will be running during mid-time, ad will be played, say 10 seconds, after the video is started and then video will be resumed)
  • Overlay (Images and rich media)
  • Overlay click to play (Images and rich media)
  • Pre/Post video banners
  • Skinned pre-roll
  • Skinned post-roll
  • Skinned content
  • Video page takeovers

Campaign Priority Management

Prioritize any campaign any time. Use same targets for multiple campaigns and prioritize those campaigns. A campaign with highest priority will be given importance and will be run first. Once the campaign with the highest priority is completed the campaign with the next highest priority will commence.


Obtain clear & in depth reports that contain Impression & CTR info categorically, observe campaign status and optimize performance.

The following reports are available to the Advertisers

  • Release Order wise report
  • Campaign wise report
  • Country wise report
  • Publisher wise report
  • Date based filtering
  • Content wise report

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Reach audience at scale with our innovative and proven Ad products that are VAST & VPAID compliant across screens



Manage online video presence with VideoWorks tracking capabilities and key metrics reports ranging from quick dashboard summaries to detailed traffic and transaction data.

Obtain a broad view into video assets' performance by video completion rates, total video views, bandwidth consumed, geos and much more.

Understand video performance on site(s) and affiliate sites and enable advertisers to target and drive campaign performance.

Correlate ad view data with video view data to best optimize video and ad performance across video content library and delivery destinations.