Video Analytics

Get a complete overview of your entire video business in your Ventuno dashboard. View analytics on video engagement, revenue, purchases, users, watch time, and much more.

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Get a bigger picture of how your videos are performing across all your apps

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Know where your revenue is coming from

Analyze and track revenue from ads, subscriptions, and transactions across all your devices on a single page. Drill down by location, device, date, and category to get detailed insights into your revenue generation.


Track your video performance

Want to know the most-watched videos last week? Or the ad views on a particular video? We have different reports for you to understand how your videos are performing across different apps. Drill down by location, completion rate, content partner, category, date, and more.

Know your users better

Get key insights into your user’s viewing habit - which device they are using, where they are located, average watch time, purchase history, and more. Collect their contact details and reach out to them to be in frequent touch with them.


Track payouts for content partners

Have content partners who provide their content for a flat fee or on a revenue share basis? It might become difficult to track revenue for each one of them and pay them at the end of the month.

Your content partners get a separate portal where they can upload videos, set up monetization for each video, and view analytics for their content.

They can view the revenue their content has earned from ads, subscriptions, and transactions in a single place. No need for them to call you and ask for the analytics!

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Want to get a complete overview of your video business?

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