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Muvi vs Ventuno

Criteria Ventuno Professional Muvi Professional Muvi Enterprise
Video streaming website Starts from $499/ mo Starts from $1499/ mo Starts from $3900/ mo
Website + Android + iOS Starts from $1149/ mo Starts from $2996/ mo Starts from $4898/ mo
Website + 2 mobile apps + 6 TV apps Starts from $3249/ mo Starts from $5499/ mo Starts from $7892/ mo
Hosting Server Dedicated with auto scaling Shared Dedicated with auto scaling
Phone support
Dedicated account manager
Advanced Analytics
Comprehensive Ad Server

Ventuno - a complete OTT solution

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Why Ventuno is a better alternative to Muvi

Same features, lower cost

Working with a limited budget and do not wish to miss out on the important features? No need to compromise anymore, Ventuno has all the features you need to launch a scalable OTT platform - right from Video CMS, HTML5 player, scalable servers, encoder, monetization, and more. You will get everything you need to run your video business at a fraction of the cost!


Ventuno is far more flexible than Muvi

Want us to implement your design, develop a new feature or integrate a third-party tool? No worries. Ventuno offers 100% customization and design development Our team will work with you to finalize the design and/ or the new feature and implement it for you. It costs way less than what Muvi charges and we are much more flexible with custom requests.

Superior Support

The topmost reason people switch from Muvi to Ventuno? Our proactive support team. You will get a dedicated account manager who will help you with everything you need to run your video business. You can reach out to them over email, phone and chat.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Ventuno’s robust analytics gives you necessary insights to drive key business decisions. Get detailed reports on users, subscriptions, transactions, advertisements, views, engagement, device analytics, usage, location and much more. Our Analytics help you track every small movement of your video business to help you accelerate growth and support your crucial decisions. Whereas with Muvi, you only get basic reports and lack the ability to help you drill down and get detailed reports.

Comprehensive ad-server

Ventuno has robust ad server technology. With over a decade’s worth of experience, it is the strongest in the business. You can monetize and run ads on your live and VOD content in different possible ways. Want to run simultaneous campaigns from different advertisers? Just drop in your ad tags (be it VAST, VPAID or programmatic), create different campaigns, and you are good to go. Run all types of ads - video, banner, interstitial, or native ads.

User Friendly

User friendly

We know how complicated Muvi’s dashboard can be. Some users have told us that the learning curve is a bit high, some features are not that intuitive, and some features are buggy. Not saying that Ventuno doesn’t have any issues (all platforms do), but you will have a far easier time using Ventuno than Muvi.

Flexible & efficient transcoding

Quickly encode your videos into the standard HLS or .m3u8 format. You can create as many encoding profiles you want. No restrictions applied. We help you encode all types of content - video-on-demand, audio-on-demand, one-off live streams, and 24x7 Live streams. You get full flexibility while creating a new encoding profile, based on the video height, video & audio bitrates, 2.1 vs 5.1 audio, and the device type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ventuno and Muvi have a lot of similarities. Both are SaaS OTT platforms used to launch a streaming service like Netflix. Feature wise, both products are more or less the same.

But the differences are in the details. Some of them are - you will save much more with Ventuno (while getting similar features), we will be more flexible with custom requests, and you will find Ventuno to be far more intuitive and easy to use

The migration process is different for each customer as it depends on a lot of factors.

Our team will analyze your existing system and decide which things needs to be migrated, for example, users, content, analytics, website & apps, payment gateway(s) and more. Our team will understand the scope of work and will come up with a detailed plan of action for the migration.

After we have migrated, we will validate to see if everything is in order and provide you an environment to test at your end. After you validate, test, and sign off on the migration, we will take the websites and apps live. The apps will be submitted as an update to your existing apps.

Android app, and iOS app with this plan. The pricing for the Enterprise plan is completely dependent on your requirements. If you want to be on the Enterprise plan, reach out to us. Our team will understand your requirements and suggest the pricing. Check out our pricing here.

Not at all. After we build your apps, we will submit them to the stores as an update to your current app. If your users have enabled ‘auto update’, the app will automatically update and they will see the new app built using Ventuno. If they have not, you can ask them to update the app manually. This way, you can ensure that you don’t lose any users.

Yes. Most requests full under three categories - implementing custom designs, developing new features, and integrating third-party tools like your payment gateway.

For all the requests, we evaluate the time it takes to build the feature and let you know the time and cost for building it. We charge a per-hour fee for custom development work.

We can help you launch your website, 2 mobile apps (Android, iOS), and 6 TV apps (Android TV, Samsung TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, LG TV, and Apple TV). Your users can also stream content on their TV through ChromeCast and AirPlay.

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