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Stream live events & linear 24x7 live streams across your website, mobile apps, and TV apps. Monetize your streams with ads, subscriptions, and pay per view.

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Our live streaming solutions


Stream your events in a moment’s notice. Just enter your HLS stream URL, add metadata, and go live.


Create linear 24/7 live streams using your VOD content. Just choose which videos you want in your stream at what time and we will create a new 24/ 7 channel for you. Learn more


Automatically chop your 24/7 live stream to individual videos and publish these videos across all your apps. Saves you thousands of man-hours in manually chopping a live stream and removing ads from it.


Stream your 24/ 7 live streams across all devices. We support both HLS and RTMP streams.


Move your 24/7 live stream from external storage/ CDN to your own storage and CDN without encoding it. This helps you optimize cost and time.


Convert your 24/7 RTMP stream to HLS to make it compatible across all devices. We will encode your RTMP stream to different resolutions based on your choice, convert it to HLS, and push it to devices.

Live Stream

Everything you need in a live streaming platform

Go live in a few clicks

Whether you want to stream an event or linear 24/ 7 live TV, it takes a few clicks to go live. Enter your HLS stream URL in the platform, add metadata, and go live!


Monetize with AVOD, SVOD, and PPV

You have all the options to monetize your live streams - right from AVOD, SVOD, and PPV. Use our ad server to run pre-roll and mid-roll ads on your streams. Add a paywall to your live stream by integrating your payment gateway with Ventuno. Get paid directly by your users and keep 100% of your revenue. Learn More

Stream to all devices

Simultaneously stream to viewers across all possible platforms. We help you launch your streaming website, 2 mobile apps (Android, iOS), and 6 TV apps (Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, LG TV, and Samsung TV). Learn More


Add EPG to linear stream

Create your own Electronic program guide (EPG) and showcase it along your linear 24/7 stream. This helps viewers understanding the scheduling of the shows for the day. You can also export the EPG you have created in a TV XML format and share it with other platforms for syndicating your live streams.

Encode linear live streams

We help you encode your linear 24/7 live streams in multiple resolutions of your choice. This helps viewers stream at different internet speeds. We take your RTMP URL and convert it to HLS after encoding.


Chat with viewers

Interact with your viewers during live events through live chat. Viewers can ask questions and you can reply in real-time! This is similar to Facebook and YouTube live chat.

Collect payments upfront

Showcase all upcoming events on one page to let viewers know of all the future live events. They can register, and pay for the event even before it starts!

Stream Analytics

Live stream analytics

Get a complete picture of how your live streams are performing. View analytics on watch time, views, users, purchases, location, devices, and more.


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