Simple video hosting and publishing platform that reaches and engages audiences across screens

Video Platform

Upload, distribute and publish content across various channels, regions and devices using VideoWorks, an easy-to-use and modular platform to scale with business – be it a handful of media titles or numerous video libraries.

Content Management

Channel Creation

Create Channels and classify shows under channel categories to target the right ads.

Content Syndication

Syndicate video content to specific publishers in the network for maximum reach and enhanced audience engagement.

Social Media Distribution

Distribute and manage video content across social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to increase brand awareness, bring extended audience and improve conversion rates.

Domain Restriction

Secure video content to specific networks and affiliates. Use domain restriction tool to restrict videos from being played on other domains.

Video Transcoding for 'Cross Platform' delivery

Transcode videos to multiple resolutions and bitrates for better delivery and to suit user's device, platform, browser and connection speed.

API Uploading

Provide video APIs to programmatically upload video files and metadata without logging into the platform.

FTP Uploading

Upload videos directly into our servers through FTP for faster uploads.

Recently Uploaded E-mailer

Receive e-mail notifications about latest video uploads in VideoWorks.

Batch Upload & Editing

Upload multiple video files into VideoWorks, preview them and edit their metadata - description, title and other video file properties - all at once.

Custom Meta-data

Add Custom metadata tags to improve video's visibility online and attract traffic.

Thumbnail Generation

Capture images from video stream to generate thumbnails – automatic or user defined.

User Management

Manage access for users with Rights Management to Upload Content, My Content, Traffic Report, Revenue Report, Payment Report and My Feed.

Publishing & Distribution

Video enable all network and affiliated sites with VideoWorks' publishing tools and distribution model.

Ensure a full video experience on websites and increase audience engagement using our publishing tools ranging from players, widgets, templates and APIs. Distribute videos online and reach users efficiently through our syndication services - search, websites and social networks - to drive traffic for your content and build brand awareness.

Delivery over Global Content Network

Deliver video content over global Content Delivery Network (CDN) that effectively distributes and effortlessly streams content across globe.

Video Feeds

Integrate MRSS web feeds into your website to get constant feed of the latest and most relevant videos.

Video API Publishing

Use extensive publishing APIs to automate video publishing on your website.

Third Party CDN Support

Support video playback from third party CDNs and Servers.

Video SEO

Optimize video content ranking on search engine results and increase video page traffic. Automate video submission process to search engines and use it as a part of site-map generation, validation and submission routine.

Content Player

Publish and play video content on web pages with this simple tool. It ensures smooth video experience for audience across devices and has interactive features for great user engagement and social sharing.

Playlist Player

Enable audience to choose videos from playlists for greater user engagement and monetization.

Editorial Player

Publish article-specific video content on pages specifically designed for online news and magazine sites. This player gives editorial control - search, select and assign videos - to the publisher for maximum user engagement.

Intelligent Content Player (ICP)

Publish and play channel or keyword-specific video content on web pages. Ensure smooth video experience for audience and delivery across devices. It ensures smooth video experience for audience across devices and has interactive features for great user engagement and social sharing.

Video Templates

Deploy custom video page templates as a full-fledged video section or a video page with social sharing features and related video listings in web, mobile site(s) or app(s).

Recommended Video Widget

Display the most relevant videos in a widget based on web-page's metadata - content, title and keywords - using our customizable content recommendation platform.

Social Publishing

Publish videos on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and video-sharing sites such as YouTube in just a click of a button. Generate more traffic for video content and build brand awareness.

High Definition Video Playback

Deliver high definition video content in a standard video format (MP4 (H.264)) in 720p capacities.

Interactive Video Capabilities

Build with interactive capabilities to increase audience engagement.

Video Player Design

Select from a host of color options and player skins to get the right look that matches website's design.

HTML5 Support

Built with HTML5 fallback that ensures smooth playback on iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices that do not support Adobe Flash Player.

Player Customization

One of the key features of the Video Player is that it can be customized to meet user requirements.

Branding and skinning the player gives you the ability to quickly get the user attention and establish brand recognition. Related videos are displayed to have a higher content consumption and thereby increasing the revenue generation.

User Management

Manage access for users with Rights Management to Upload Content, My Content, Traffic Report, Revenue Report, Payment Report and My Feed.

Video Analytics

Manage online video presence with VideoWorks tracking capabilities and key metrics reports ranging from quick dashboard summaries to detailed traffic and transaction data.

Obtain a broad view into video assets' performance by video completion rates, total video views, bandwidth consumed, geos and much more.

Understand video performance on site(s) and affiliate sites and enable advertisers to target and drive campaign performance.

Correlate ad view data with video view data to best optimize video and ad performance across video content library and delivery destinations.