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A New Strategy for Digital TV

  • Unlock the future of audience engagement across screens.
  • Deliver Live and On-demand video content over the internet using VideoWorks, our powerful on-Cloud Video platform.
  • Monetize content with dynamic ad insertion solutions offered by VideoConnect, our scalable Ad server.
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Traditional vs. Future State

Traditional TV has come a long way from analog terrestrial, satellite and cable services to DTH, IPTV and modern digital solutions. Ventuno's TV Everywhere 360° will make the transition easier for TV Networks with our technology, media and operational support.

Traditional vs Future

Challenges Surmounting
the Television Ecosystem

Rapid Technology Advancement

New devices, cheaper and faster internet connections, and busier lifestyles make people want to consume digital video content anytime, anywhere. There is a visible shift in user bases from traditional TV to digital spaces

Missed Revenue Opportunity

TV networks fail to capture incremental revenues by monetizing video content delivered via internet.

High Upfront Investment

Setting up world class video delivery capability requires huge upfront investment that will delay the break-even period for TV Networks.

Inappropriate Targeting

Advertisers and brands spend extra and tend to target wrong audience through TV. As a result, impact and relevance is lost.

Multiple Ad Serving Standards

Ad campaigns need to be deployed through the most reliable, scalable ad servers and 3rd party exchanges to reach fragmented audiences across screens.

Lack of Audience Ownership

Distribution of content on YouTube and other video-sharing sites or Live TV solutions are the digital strategies TV Networks adopt. They never own their audience there and content discovery is complex

A Comprehensive Full Suite
Video Solutions Provider

Video Solutions Provider

Value Propositions

State-of-the-art Technology Solutions

State-of-the-art Technology Solutions

VideoWorks™ and VideoConnect™ offer a comprehensive video delivery solution. Upload, manage, deliver, monetize and analyze TV content across screens.

Incremental Revenue Opportunity

Incremental Revenue Opportunity

Digital media has introduced new spaces for TV content delivery. Capitalize on these revenue opportunities with Ventuno’s solutions.

Zero Upfront Investment

Zero Upfront Investment

Let Ventuno take care of the infrastructure and personnel requirements in addition to the technology and media solutions, all in a very cost-effective pay-as-you-go model.

Advanced Targeting

Advanced Targeting

Brands and agencies can now reach their target audiences across publisher sites, geos and devices with insights captured by Ventuno and powered by comScore vCE. Track and monitor campaign performance with our real-time analytics.

IAB-compliant Ad Serving Standards

IAB-compliant Ad Serving Standards

Ventuno’s cutting-edge ad server is completely scalable, IAB-compliant and supports 3rd party redirects. Run ads manually or automatically on Live and VoD content at scale with 20+ innovative ad modes to choose from.

Own Your Audience

Own Your Audience

Take ownership of your audience across all your content distribution channels. Analyze performance of content in-depth and widen reach with Ventuno.