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Scaling Video Views

Scaling Video Views

For any website, there are 3 primary sources of traffic - Organic, Search, and Social. Website owners have to employ appropriate strategies using these sources to maximize the reach of their video to their audience. However, content relevance for user is important to connect with audience when employing any of these strategies.


Videos should just not be restricted to the 'video page' of a website, which can at best account for only 10% of website traffic. Most content sites are split into 3 levels - home page, category page, and article page. Our publishing tools deploy video content across all these pages and funnel traffic to the video page.


Building search traffic to a website is very important irrespective of content types and it's most likely that a webmaster is already doing that. Ventuno's Video SEO tools help webmasters build search traffic for the video content of their sites. Webmasters can make these tools a part of their sitemap generation, validation and submission routine. Video SEO tools not only increase video page traffic, but also help to rank your website much higher in the search results.


Social tools help publishers to take their video content beyond their websites, into the social media. Ventuno’s Facebook and Twitter publishing tools will put the video into the respective social networks, maximize video views and drive further traffic to the publisher's site.