Players. Widgets. APIs. Integrate and Monetize.

Publishing Tools

State-of-the-art players, customizable widgets, templates and APIs to increase page views, user engagement and the website traffic.

Video has become inevitable to engage audiences online and publishing tools enable website owners to not only engage audiences but also scale quality video views and thereby video ad inventory to maximize return.

Video Player

Video player is a code designed to meet publisher demands – customizable, skin-able and brand-able. Players can be configured to play at set volumes, run on autoplay and with iOS fallbacks for HTML5. Video player comes in following variations.

Single Video Player

Video can be published via players as embed codes, object codes and JS codes. Publisher can preview the content before taking it live on site, giving full editorial control over available videos.


Intelligent Content Player

Publish and play channel or keyword-specific video content on web pages. Ensure smooth video experience for audience and delivery across devices. It ensures smooth video experience for audience across devices and has interactive features for great user engagement and social sharing.


Playlist Player

Enable audience to choose videos from playlists for greater user engagement and monetization.


Editorial Player

Publish article-specific video content on pages specifically designed for online news and magazine sites. This player gives editorial control - search, select and assign videos - to the publisher for maximum user engagement.


Video Page Template

Deploy custom video page templates as a full-fledged video section or a video page with social sharing features and related video listings in web, mobile site(s) or app(s).


Video Feeds (APIs)

Integrate MRSS web feed into your website to get constant feed of the latest and most relevant videos.

Social Media Publishing

Distribute and manage video content on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and video-sharing sites such as YouTube in just a click of a button. Generate more traffic for video content and build brand awareness.

Video SEO

Optimize video content ranking on search engine results and increase video page traffic. Automate video submission process to search engines and use it as a part of site-map generation, validation and submission routine.

Scaling Video Views

For any website, there are 3 primary sources of traffic - Organic, Search, and Social. Website owners have to employ appropriate strategies using these sources to maximize the reach of their video to their audience. However, content relevance for user is important to connect with audience when employing any of these strategies.

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