Get your premium content distributed across hundreds of premium publishers across screens

Content Providers

Ventuno's CDN brings the most appropriate, fragmented audience to your content. Your video content will be exhibited by 17 categories on key spaces on publisher sites to ensure more views and increased audience engagement.

Ventuno's Video library has 350k+ Videos with 400+ videos added daily.

Added Solutions

Excellent viewing experiences, wide audience reach, and attractive monetization through

  • Cost-free and customizable players and widgets
  • Smart video hosting solutions
  • Contextual distribution across network

Content Uploading

Uploading content into Ventuno's video platform is simple and straight-forward. Our platform accepts videos of any digital format like AVI, MP4, WMV etc. All uploaded videos must be associated with a show. As approved content providers, once you create your channel, you can create any number of shows in that channel and upload any number of episodes in each show for your channel.

Once the content is uploaded into the platform it will be converted to a standard mp4 file for optimized viewing experience online.

All the videos will be editorially reviewed by Ventuno before it is available for publication by partners.

Publishing Rights

As content providers you own the complete rights over the video. By uploading your content into the platform, you are licensing the content to syndicate it through publisher network. In addition, Ventuno would run appropriate ads and share a part of the ad revenue with content providers.

Content Monetization & Reporting

Monetize your content with innovative ad modes, advanced targeting, and efficient campaign management.

Monitor performance of ad assets, video traffic and revenue on real-time dashboard.