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About Us

Video is by far the most consumed content type in traditional media. It is not only catching up, but is also well poised to overtake in the new media. World over, media companies are re-tooling their video business models to leverage presence in the new multi screen world. Ventuno brings end-to-end video solutions to tackle not only the technology complexities and new media economics but also the operational best practices and support to see you through the transition and beyond.


Publishers can easily integrate Ventuno technology into their existing pages and content workflow to make a seemless offering of video content to their audience. In addition to our technology, we also offer a comprehensive video library that is updated every day with fresh content across genres that can used to either augment the Publisher's existing content or deliver new content. Futhermore, our platform offers Publishers the flexibility of leveraging their direct sales ads or Ventuno network ads to maximize their fills and yields for their video inventory.

Video Platform (VideoWorks)

Video content management and publishing platform to video enable your websites, mobile sites, and/or mobile apps. Easily organize, customize, publish, distribute, analyse and monetize your video assets.

Publish Videos (VideoView)

With an extensive media library of over 350K+ videos across multiple content channels adding videos to your website have never been easier. Not only does this enable you to engage your audience with great content, it enables you to increase your ad earnings through pay-outs.

Monetize your Ad Inventory (VideoConnect)

An Ad Plugin which integrates easily to your Video Player for providing network ads to maxmize your video inventory fills and yields. With extensive integrations with leading ad agenies, trading desks, ad networks, ad exchange, and demand side platforms we provide the best ad fills and yields across geographies for you. VideoConnect also enables you to leverage our comprehensive ad server to deploy ads sourced by your direct ad sales team.

Content Owners

Content Distribution (VideoBlast)

Every content owner needs strategies to maxmize their content reach across various channels to realize their full monetization potential. Ventuno's content provider solution is aimed at providing massive distribution opportunities for the content owner by taking a multi channel approach. When you upload your content library into Ventuno, its encoded into multiple formats automatically to ensure quality viewing experience for your audience across screens and connection speeds. In addition, now your library will be autotically be updated across your choosen syndication points across your own and operated website(s), mobile site(s), mobile app(s), YouTube channels, Facebook Profiles, and Twitter Profiles. Furthermore, you get make your content library available in real time to Ventuno's vast Publisher network.


  • Add video infrastructure, content, and monetization to your websites, mobile sites and apps with minimal effort
  • Choose and publish from rich and diverse content library or leverage your own content library
  • Scalable video infrastructure
  • Monetize your video traffic through direct sales, Ventuno network ads, or both, for optimum fills and yields across geos, across screens, and live and VOD content
  • Tracking and Revenue reports

Platform Owners

  • Flexible monetization and content strategies that help you leverage your existing video platform
  • Tracking and reporting

Content Producers

  • Increase viewership through syndication to Ventuno publisher network
  • Monetize your content
  • Optimized for internet delivery across screens
  • Scalable video infrastructure
  • Tracking and Revenue reports


  • Reach audience at scale.
  • Comprehensive targeting capabilities for Campaign Effectiveness
  • Competitive and Flexible pricing models
  • Variety of Ad Modes
  • Brand safe content

Select Partners


Subbu Murugan

Founder & CEO

Subbu oversees all aspects of Ventuno Technologies' business and has an integral role in driving the company's product vision. Subbu has 18 years of both management and technical experience. Prior, he worked in the US in software engineering management positions at TIBCO Software, DG Systems, and Informix - now part of IBM.

Subbu has an MS in CIS from Georgia State University and a BE.

Ravikrishna Cherukuri


Mr. Cherukuri is an investor and a board member in Ventuno Technologies. He is currently the VP/GM Hardware & ASIC, Enterprise Networking Group at Cisco Systems (CSCO). Prior to that he was Vice President of Engineering at MIPS Technologies where he is responsible for all of the hardware and software engineering efforts. Previously, Mr. Cherukuri was Co-founder and Vice President of Engineering of Sonoa Systems (Now apigee - (APIC)), an infrastructure provider of analytics, management and governance solutions for cloud services and APIs. Prior to Sonoa, Mr. Cherukuri was on the founding team and managed ASIC and hardware development for Siara Systems, a KPCB funded company acquired by Redback Networks in 2000. Previously, Mr. Cherukuri spent eight years at Nexgen Microsystem/AMD, where he was a key designer of AMD's K6 microprocessor and also led the K7 chipset (Irongate) development effort. Before that, Mr. Cherukuri was an engineer with HCL Infosystems, working on architecture and implementation of the company's flagship Magnum multiprocessor platform.

Mr. Cherukuri holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from IIT Roorkee and a TRIUM Global EMBA jointly offered by NYU Stern, London School of Economics and HEC, Paris. He holds 19 approved U.S. patents in the fields of computer architecture and networking.

N. Murugan IAS (Rtd)


Murugan is a board member in Ventuno Technologies. He also serves on the Board of Ruchi Soya Industries - India's largest edible oil company, Ruchi Infrastructure Limited and a few other private companies.

Murugan has over 37 years of experience in both State and Central Government in various capacities. In those 37 years, he has served 6 years as Secretary to the State Government, 3 years as the CEO of a Tamil Satellite Channel. Murugan has an MBA from the University of Texas, Arlington, and an MSc from the University of Madras.

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Arockia Richard Raj M Arockia Richard Raj M Engineering
Alexander J Alexander J Engineering
Balaji Jeyachandran Balaji Jeyachandran Content
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J. Sriranjani J. Sriranjani Operations
Sumitra Arashanipalai Subbu Murugan Chief Executive Officer
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