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  • How to Sign up?

    You can Click here to sign up as a publisher. All fields are mandatory so kindly fill the form with appropriate details.

  • Can I login immediately?

    You can log in, once your request is processed and approved by Ventuno. Our service professional will get in touch with you at the earliest.

  • How do I log in?

    Once your request is approved by Ventuno, you can use the username and password provided by us at the time of registration. Click here to Log in

  • What if i forget my password?

    Click here to reset your password. A link will be sent to the e-mail address with which you registered.

  • How do I edit/update my contact details?

    Once you log into our platform you can go to "ACCOUNT SUMMARY" to edit your contact details.

  • What are setting up domains and Users?

    Setup Domains – helps you to create multiple domains from your network of sites as your sub-domains within your account and manage it.

    Setup Users – You can set up sub-users to let your employees share and manage tasks. For instance, you may create a user just to review the reports, or a user who can only choose and configure publishing tools.

  • Can domain and user setups be edited later?

    You can always edit the settings anytime. And if needed, the admin can modify the access rights later for you.

  • How do I select content from your library and publish them?

    • Login and go to the ‘publish video page.
    • Select the video or a particular category or a collection of categories from the list available.
    • Click on ‘Get code’ from the video you would like to publish.
    • Use the codes to publish the selected video on your site.
  • I don't want to select each and every video individually what do I do?

    You can make use of various publishing tools offered such as our Video API, Feeds, and Video Template to customize and deploy a full-fledged video page on your site.

  • How do I get updates on content?

    You can get notification mail about the latest video content uploaded to our platform from the ‘Notifications’ tab (under ‘Account Info’). You can also choose the frequency of the notifications.

  • Is it important to provide information on demographics?

    Information on site audience under various criteria helps in exposing inventories available – based on history – to advertisers for better fills and yields against that inventory.

  • Where is the content sourced from?

    We have high quality video content sourced onto our platforms from media powerhouses such as Reuters, VideoJug and our own content from our in-house producers. Our content library spans across various genres such as News, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Health and Fitness etc. and is constantly updated, so you’ll never run out of relevant content for your site.

  • What are the players available for platform users?

    Here are a few players that a publisher can benefit from

    Intelligent Content Player is the simplest way for you publish and play your video content on your web pages. It ensure a smooth and effortless video streaming of channel-specific and keyword-specific video content for your audience and works across devices and browsers. It's interactive features ensure greater user engagement and social sharing.

    Content-only Publisher Player Player An easy-to-deploy, effective solution that comes in handy when Publisher prefers to publish his own content but on Ventuno’s player. This facility helps Publisher avoid logging into Ventuno platform for content or embed code but preserves all tracking abilities.

    Playlist Player is the video player on steroids, so to speak. It lets your audience run through and choose from a playlist of videos and thus enables far greater user engagement and monetization of your video content. It is fully customizable to suit the look and feel of your website and also has filter options. Ideal placement of this widget is on your home and category pages.

    Editorial Player lets you editorially assign article-specific video content on your page. This player is most suitable on online news and magazine sites. An editorial player extension is also available in the Chrome web store using which you can manually search, select and submit editorial videos.

    Recommended Video Widget is an on screen tool (content recommendation platform) displayed as a section that includes links to relevant videos and lets you easily add recommended video content across your (web/mobile) site(s), and apps to increase your user engagement.

    Floating Video Widget intuitively prompts the viewer to engage with video content that is related to the content he/she is viewing on a specific page of a mobile site. It usually appears with video content relevant to an article when the viewer reaches the end of that article and scrolls back up.

    Video Page Template is a preset code that helps you deploy a full-fledged video section in your website(s) or mobile/WAP site(s).

    APIs are intelligent program units that allow you to search, fetch and retrieve specific video content available based on given metadata from the video platform to publish across pages on your website and/or WAP sites. The Video APIs are tailored for Publishers and Content APIs to upload videos for Content Providers.

    Social Plugins for Facebook/Twitter are social media publishing tools that get you linked to your social media accounts from the publishing platform. They enable you to maximize your audience engagement and drive traffic to your site from Facebook/Twitter.

    Blend is a masterclass widget that encompasses a few extremely noteworthy APIs. It brings very engaging, responsive and native content, from various deemed sources to fill across the pages of your site. You get brief and detailed perspectives for your articles along with all the content required, completing your well-tended site.

    We have more in store for interested publishers. We also provide publishing tools (Content and Ad SDKs) for mobile platforms. Contact us at for information on any of our solutions.

  • Is there mobile support for the platform?

    Yes, Ventuno provides HTML5 players for WAP and responsive mobile sites and Content and Ad SDKs as native solutions for mobile apps (Android and iOS). Integrate our SDKs and HTML5 players for seamless video delivery and monetization on mobile devices.

  • How do I editorially assign videos to my page(s)?

    There is a dedicated widget called the Editorial Player that can be integrated into your page. It helps you editorially assign videos to your pages. There is also a Chrome browser extension that can be installed to editorially select videos and assign them to your articles based on page metatags.

  • How do I setup the player for my site?

    Any player or widget can be setup easily for your website. Please refer to the respective document to know the steps involved. In case you encounter a situation, reach out to us at

  • Will the player affect the performance of my website?

    The player has been designed in such a way that it loads quickly and plays efficiently without impeding the performance of your site. We have a special type of encoding for our players that makes it asynchronous thereby loading the player, ad and content after the page loads. Ensuring there is no interference with page performance activity, it only enhances overall performance.

  • What is the playing length of the video content?

    Video Content is generally Short form. It is usually in the range of 1 minute to 7 minutes, averaging around 3 minutes.

  • What is the playing length of an ad?

    Usually in the range of 10 to 30 seconds.

  • Is it illegal to use content sourced from other providers or by publishers?

    No, so long as you are a Publishing partner with Ventuno. Every publishing partner signs an agreement with Ventuno that facilitates charge-free usage of their content on another publishing partner's site. Any usage attempted otherwise is subject to penalty. We'd recommend you to avail an agreement beforehand to avoid Charges, if you know what we mean.

  • Will I be charged for featuring content on my site?

    No, you will not be charged. Instead, your content will be monetized.

  • Will I be charged for the bandwidth consumption?

    No, there are no charges for bandwidth consumption.

  • How can I customize my player?

    Customize and design your video player for each domain in your account.Here are some of the options you have on the platform.

    Background color, Button normal color, Button mouse over color can be configured.

    • Create and save multiple player designs for each domain.
    • Branding and skinning the player gives you the ability to quickly gain user attention and establish brand recognition.
    • Player logo can be configured and the files allowed are .jpg, .gif, .png formats. The maximum image height allowed is 37px.
    • You can configure player status to auto play or user initiated when it loads.
    • Volume can be configured to come up by default as muted or set from 1 to 10.
    • Player background color, Button normal color, Button mouse over color can be configured.
  • Can I have the playlist player div sized 300X250?

    We’re sorry. By the simple laws of physics, to accommodate the playlist trays, which can be customized to be horizontal or vertical, the height and the width of the player have to be equal. Ergo, 300X300 is the standard and not 300X250.

  • Is the player responsive?

    Yes, our players automatically resize to suit the screen of the device you’re viewing it on for a seamless viewing experience.

  • Can I have multiple users and roles assigned within my account?

    Ventuno platform allows the main account holder to designate sub-users within their organization, who can be given restricted access to the key reports, data and functions. Access to the following can be granted / refused using user rights management - Upload Content, My Content, Traffic Report, Revenue Report, Payment Report and My Feed.

  • What are the reports available for the Ventuno video platform?

    VideoWorks reporting services provide all the tracking capabilities and key metrics you need, to manage your online video presence. Ranging from brief dashboard summaries to detailed traffic and transaction data, reports integrated directly into the console give you a broad view into your video assets' performance. Publisher traffic views and revenue earned, content provider-wise views and revenue earned, advertiser campaign performance report with total impressions delivered and revenue earned, infrastructure report with total server and bandwidth used are reported.

  • Can I have my own player skin?

    Yes you can change player skin based on your requirements.

  • Can I add my logo to the player?

    Yes. Player logo can be configured and the files allowed are .jpg, .gif, .png formats. The maximum image height allowed is 37px.

  • Do I have any SEO options for my videos?

    Ventuno's Video SEO tools help publishers to rank their video content on search engines and thus increase video page traffic. Currently we support Google and Bing search engines. This tool automates the process of submitting the publisher's video content to these search engines. Making this a regular process by the publishers’ webmaster, the tool will greatly increase search engine ranking of the video content of a publisher.

  • What are the APIs I have access to as a platform user?

    • Ventuno platform provides a set of APIs for publishers, content providers and advertisers.
    • Publishing API (Latest, Most Watched, Category-wise, etc.)
    • Content Upload / Edit / Delete API.
    • AD Serving API (VAST 2.0 & 3.0, VPAID 1.1 & 2.0).

    Please contact our support team at and go through our API guide for more details.

  • Is there a mobile support for the platform?

    Yes. Our platform is supported on all iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices for WAP sites. Futhermore, mobile app developers can leverage our API to integrate video content and ads with their native apps. For more details please go through our Mobile Integration Guide.

  • How do I monetize my traffic?

    We deploy ads to the video content viewed and share the revenue generated through ads with our publishers. For a more detailed report kindly get in touch with our account managers.


    Our team will understand your requirements and arrive at a revenue share that is mutually agreed upon.

  • How do I track the video views and revenue?

    Views generated on your content and on a overall perspective can be tracked and will be made available under the reports menu. Traffic Report can be viewed show wise as well as country wise under the menu Report found when you log into our platform.

  • Where do I check about the payment?

    You can refer the payment report under the Reports menu which gives you a collective report for 3 months, 6 months and an overall view along with the payment status.

  • How do I get in touch with your service professional?

    Mail your queries and suggestions to or contact us via phone on Ph - +91-44-42606228