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  • How to Sign up?

    You can Click here to sign up as a Content Provider.All fields are mandatory so kindly fill the form with appropriate details.

  • Can I login immediately?

    You can log in, once your request is processed and approved by Ventuno. Our service professional will get in touch with you at the earliest.

  • How do i Log in?

    Once your request is approved by Ventuno, you can use the username and password provided by us at the time of registration. Click here to Log in.


    Click here to reset your password. A link will be sent to the e-mail address with which you registered.

  • How do I Edit/Update my contact details?

    Once you log into our platform you can go to "ACCOUNT SUMMARY" to edit your contact details.

  • What are setting up domains and Users?

    Setup Domains – helps you to create multiple domains from your network of sites as your sub-domains within your account and manage it.

    Setup Users – You can set up sub-users to let your employees share and manage tasks. For instance, you may create a user just to review the reports, or a user who can only choose and configure publishing tools.

  • Can domain and user setups be edited later?

    You can always edit the settings anytime. And if needed, the admin can modify the access rights later for you.

  • How do I upload my video content?

    Once you are a registered user, you can create your own channel on platform. Once it is created, you should create shows and upload any number of episodes in each show. Here are some of the ways you can upload video into the platform,

    • Manual upload through Platform UI (Single/Bulk).
    • MRSS.
    • API.
    • FTP.
    • External hosting (from your server).
  • Which video formats does Ventuno accept?

    Ventuno accepts 6 primary video formats (flv, mp4, 3gp, avi, mov, wmv) during content upload and multiple secondary video formats.

  • Is there any limit on video upload?

    There is no size limit on videos to be uploaded. You can upload a maximum of 5 videos simultaneously.

  • How do I categorize my content?

    You can put your content under various pre-defined categories by Ventuno. Putting your content in proper category helps in efficient distribution of content.

    Ventuno has 17 content channels through which your brand message can be delivered contextually and innovatively. The channels include..

    • Auto & Vehicles
    • Business
    • Entertainment
    • Food & Dining
    • Health & Fitness
    • Lifestyle & Fashion
    • News
    • Sports
    • Technology
    • Travel
  • Can I create a new category on my own?

    NO. You cannot create a separate category for yourself. For that, please get in touch with our technical team at or .

  • What is Metadata?

    Metadata includes Video title, Description, Tags / Keywords (predefined tags & custom tags), Category, Show, Relevant dates, etc. Data tagging is a key function to improve your video's visibility and discovery online.

  • Can I edit the metadata of already uploaded videos?

    Yes you can. Please go to my videos and edit the metadata as the need be.

  • How does video publishing happen?

    Video publishing can be scheduled based on your requirement. Once upload is done, you have to approve the content for publishing or schedule the content gets published at a specified time.

  • Can I take the published videos off distribution?

    Yes. Removing the videos from distribution is available with Ventuno's unpublish module. Videos can be taken offline across the network with a single click. If needed, unpublished videos can be republished at later time using the publish functionality.


    Yes. You have the feature called ‘Syndication’ where you have complete control on which site your video should go to. You can select the publishers for your content from Ventuno's vast publisher network. You can allow/block specific publishers accordingly using this feature.

  • Do I have a control on content viewing in specific countries?

    Yes. With Ventuno's geo-targeting option, you can decide which of your shows are to be published in which countries.

  • How do I know if new publisher is added to network?

    You will get an email every time a new publisher is added to the network. You have to approve that in setup notifications. You can also decide the frequency of the mail.

  • How do I monetize my content?

    We deploy ads to the video content viewed and share the revenue generated through ads with our content providers. For a more detailed report kindly get in touch with our account manager.


    Our team will understand your requirements and arrive at a revenue share that is mutually agreed upon.

  • How do I track the video views and revenue?

    Views generated on your content on an overall perspective can be tracked and can be made available under the reports menu. Traffic Report can be viewed show-wise as well as country-wise under the menu Report found when you log into our platform.

  • Where do I check about the payment?

    You can refer the payment report under report menu which gives you a collective report for 3 months, 6 months and an overall view along with the payment status.

  • How do I get in touch with your service professional?

    Mail your queries and suggestions to
    or call as at this number - +91-44-42606228