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  • Why should I use a video ad server?

    Ventuno Ad Server (VideoConnect) is a simple and easy-to-use tool that effectively serves ads before/during/after your video content. It works along with VideoWorks to help you monetize your video content. It is IAB VAST and VPAID compliant, so it can work with any player that supports the same for their ad serving needs. The number of standard ad modes and innovative new ad modes gives enough solution to keep any marketer happy. In addition, the targeting capabilities and campaign management capabilities gives it the flexibility that no other video ad server can match up to. Please contact our support team at for more details.

  • What are the targeting parameters supported in Ventuno ad server?

    Day Parting, Geo Targeting, State Targeting, Contextual Targeting, Campaign Re-Targeting, Publisher Targeting, Channel Targeting, OS Targeting, Browser targeting, Video Tag Targeting, Time Targeting, User Frequency Targeting. For more please refer to our Ad Server user guide or get in touch with our support team at

  • What are the ad-modes supported in Ventuno ad server?

    Pre-roll , Post-roll, Mid-roll, Image overlay, Vfooter, Click to play, Video Banner, Rich media Overlay, Video Skin, Brand Footer, EnSpot with Skin, Banner Spot, Video Banner Widget, Companion Banner. For more please refer to our Ad Server user guide or get in touch with our support team at


    Yes, it is IAB VAST 2.0, VPAID1.1 compliant. Hence we can support 3rd party ad servers that are compliant with VAST and VPAID. Contact us at for more details.

  • How to Sign up?

    You can Click here to sign up as an advertiser. All fields are mandatory so kindly fill the form with appropriate details.

  • Can I login immediately?

    You can log in, once your request is processed and approved by Ventuno. Our service professional will get in touch with you at the earliest.

  • How do i Log in?

    Once your request is approved by Ventuno, you can use the username and password provided by us at the time of registration. Click here to Log in.


    Click here to reset your password. A link will be sent to the e-mail address with which you registered.

  • How do I Edit/Update my contact details?

    Once you log into our platform you can go to "ACCOUNT SUMMARY" to edit your contact details.

  • What are setting up domains and Users?

    Setup Domains – helps you to create multiple domains from your network of sites as your sub-domains within your account and manage it.

    Setup Users – You can set up sub-users to let your employees share and manage tasks. For instance, you may create a user just to review the reports, or a user who can only choose and configure publishing tools.

  • How do i create an ad campaign?

    An ad campaign is created after an RO is approved. Select campaign from the sub menu and select "Add New Campaign". Fill all the mandatory information requested and set the targeting parameters to suit your target audience. Review the targeting and save the campaign. On admin approval the campaign will be taken live. Advertisers can track campaign performance through our real-time analytics solutions.

  • How do I create an assert using ventuno account?

    After the RO creation, select "Ad Asset" from the campaign sub menu and select "+" on add your Asset. Provide all mandatory information required (Name, Description, Ad type, Hosting type) and the file path to save the Asset file.

  • How do I manage a campaign using ventuno account?

    Campaign created on the platform can be edited, paused and started as per the requirement.

  • How do I track the campaign views and performance?

    Reports are generated on a daily basis. You can select the "Reports" menu to view the overall RO summary. Filters are available to select the data. All the data are available at an RO level including the engagement summary and the overall performance of the campaigns. Ad Trends are also available to understand the campaign patterns.

  • What is my reach to target audience through Ventuno?

    Ventuno delivers 80million+ ad views on an average per month across its network. There are 5million+ unique viewers on an average per month consuming video and ad content.

  • What are the different content categories available for us to target campaigns?

    Ventuno has 17 content channels through which your brand message can be delivered contextually and innovatively. The channels include...

    • Auto & Vehicles
    • Business
    • Entertainment
    • Food & Dining
    • Health & Fitness
    • Lifestyle & Fashion
    • News
    • Sports
    • Technology
    • Travel name a few

  • How do I pay ventuno?

    If you are a new advertiser, our sales team will get in touch with you on the same. Here are the wire transfer details to transfer funds to Ventuno.

    Account Name : Ventuno Technologies (P) Ltd
    Account Number : 021205000904
    Bank Name : ICICI BANK
    Branch Name : Santhome Branch
    IFSC Code : ICICI0000212
    Swift Code : ICICINBBCTS

  • How do I get in touch with your service professional?

    Mail your queries and suggestions to
    or call as at this number - +91-44-42606228