We help content owners launch, manage, and grow their video streaming service.

Video is by far the most consumed content type in traditional media. It is not only catching up, but is also well poised to overtake in the new media. World over, media companies are re-tooling their video business models to leverage presence in the new multi screen world. Ventuno brings end-to-end video products and solutions to tackle not only the technology complexities and new media economics but also the operational best practices and support to see you through the transition and beyond.

Our Story

Ventuno is based out of Chennai, India. We are a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) platform that provides enterprise grade video solutions with a fanatical focus on service. We began our video journey by not only creating content, but also, by solving technical problems we were facing with videos in our owned and operated properties.

We eventually started providing products & solutions for problems others were facing with video. With over a decades worth of knowledge in providing video technology solutions at scale we have the right mix of expertise and products to help our customers navigate the video landscape effortlessly and cost effectively.

Our Vision

To help un-complicate video technology so our customers can focus on what matters - their business.

Our Culture

Ordinary people coming together as a team to do extraordinary work

How we act

Both inside and outside the company always act in an honest, direct, and transparent way.Own our responsibilities and focus on getting the job done.

How we make decisions

Work with customers to understand their problems and with every interaction win their trust.Breakdown complex problems and prioritise.Make decision with available information to make progress and keep learning

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