Ventuno provides cutting edge technology and media solutions that help unleash your true video potential


Ventuno provides an online video platform and a video ad server on a self serve model via the cloud. It enables easy integration to your website or apps and gives you full end-to-end control to manage your content and ads.

Online Video Platform (VideoWorks)

VideoWorks is a leading video management and publishing platform to video enable your websites. Easily upload, organize, customize, publish, distribute, analyze and monetize your video assets

Video Ad Server

Video Ad Server (VideoConnect)

VideoConnect allows you to deploy, manage, and track video ad campaigns and fully adheres to IAB VAST standard. We support a variety of standard and innovative ad modes that help you leverage your inventory to the maximum.

Online Video Platform


Ventuno is India's #1 content syndication platform that reaches, engages and monetizes audience across screens.


Video is the most engaging content type and offers the best revenue opportunity for publishers. However, creating/sourcing, hosting, and delivering the same on scale is no easy task. Ventuno takes this worry out of publishers and provides them with content and tools to maximize their audience engagement and revenue from video. We have over 100,000+ professionally created videos (with 100s added daily) in our media library. We help publishers create video inventory by providing the right widgets not only across their home, category, article, & video pages, but also across their social presence in facebook pages and twitter profiles.


Reach audience at scale in a brand safe environment. With over 100 million playlists served monthly, Ventuno network provides the largest video inventory outside of YouTube in India.

With a host of standard and innovative ad modes and ability to target based on geography, time, tags, publishers, category and content channels Ventuno is a must in any media plan.

Content Providers

With over 300+ publishers Ventuno's content syndication platform reaches millions of users and provides the perfect platform to distribute and monetize your content assets. Not only do we syndicate content across Ventuno network, we also allow content providers to leverage social distribution via our plugins to your facebook pages, twitter profiles, and YouTube channels.